About us

JOST Seeds-Research is a family enterprise founded in 1992. by Dr. Marijan Jost, professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding and his wife Dr. Vesna Samobor, professor of Seed Production. Over a half century of wheat breeding experience and knowledge is built in this business which has resulted in extraordinary achievements.

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“Processing quality of Chinese wheats needs improvement”

We have the solution for higher quality called DIVANA.

The cross-section of bread loaf made from the same amount of flour of standard quality cv. Siroka and excellent quality cv. DIVANA. Bread yield for cv. Siroka is 148 g/100 g, and for cv. DIVANA 162 g/100 g of flour.

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“New breeding material ready for release”

In spite of negative correlation between grain yield and grain protein content, our intention is to improve grain yield and to sustain high processing quality. Also, breeding on resistance to Oulema melanopa is conducted. The new promising lines are ready for release.

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